Respondents' Correspondence

OBJ/1 Guy Bettley-Cooke
OBJ/2 Roger and Jill Braham
OBJ/3 Ian and Kim Robins
OBJ/4 Denise Livingstone
OBJ/5 Jill Tuffnell
OBJ/6 The Whittlesey Charity - Phil Gray
OBJ/7 Withdrawn
OBJ/8 Not Allocated

OBJ/9 County Councillor for Meldreth - Susan van de Ven
OBJ/10 Geoffrey Grimmet
OBJ/11 Graham Borgonon
OBJ/12 Cambridgeshire County Council
OBJ/13 Gilhooly Commercial Ltd - Michael J Gilhooly
OBJ/14 Heart Beat Health Walks - David Clarke
OBJ/15 FC Palmer & Sons and subsidiary companies - Jonathan Stiff
OBJ/16 B L Taylor
OBJ/17 David Robinson
OBJ/18 Trustees of Alison Susan Gray 2008 Discretionary Settlement - Guto Edwards
OBJ/19 Ivan Martin & Son - Zac Martin
OBJ/20 Tony Alterton
OBJ/21 Tony Alterton and Miss J Avison ( trustees for Alterton & Avison landowners)
OBJ/22 Mr and Mrs B Akred
OBJ/23 M White
OBJ/24 Not allocated
OBJ/25 Robin Clark on behalf of Brigadier William Hurrell and Henry Hurrell
OBJ/26 The Ramblers Association - Eugene Suggett
OBJ/27 Not Allocated
OBJ/28 Withdrawn
OBJ/29 Ely Group of Internal Drainage Board - Andrew Newton
OBJ/30 Colin Faux
OBJ/31 Environment Agency - Anthony Bebbington
OBJ/32 Mr Anthony Leonard Lee t/a A L Lee Farming Co - Chris Purllant
OBJ/33 Aquila Investments Limited, RLW Estates Limited and Brian Sander t/a H Sanders and Sons - Simon Clewlow
OBJ/34 Mr J D Fountain and Mr D Fountain (Delavals farm) - Shirley Pollard
OBJ/35 Mr Jonathan Brown and Mr Robert Brown t/a E C Brown and Sons - Shirley Pollard
OBJ/36 Matthew Murfitt
OBJ/37 Paul Seymour
OBJ/38 Mr Luke Palmer t/a F C Palmer & Sons - Lucy Fraser QC MP
OBJ/39 F C Palmer & Sons - Ian Palmer
OBJ/40 F C Palmer and Sons - David Palmer
OBJ/41 F C Palmer and Sons  - Adam Palmer
OBJ/42 F C Palmer and Sons - Kier Petherick
OBJ/43 NFU - Martin Rogers
OBJ/44 Royal Mail Group Limited
OBJ/45 Roger James
OBJ/46 Dr J Guy
OBJ/47 DS Smith Packaging Limited - Thrings LLP
OBJ/48 A P Burlton (Turkeys) Ltd - Michael Burlton
OBJ/49 Anthony Burlton Will Trust - Michael Burlton
OBJ/50 Anthony Burlton 2011 Trust - Michael Burlton
OBJ/51 F C Palmer & Sons - Luke Palmer
OBJ/52 Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum - Gail Stoehr
OBJ/53 Barbara James
OBJ/54 Jane Murfitt
OBJ/55 Robert Dale

Rep 1 Harston Parish Council - Niall O’Byrne
Rep 2 District Councillor for Harston and Hauxton - Janet Lockwood
Rep 3 Middle Level Commissioners - Christopher Convine
Rep 4 South Yorkshire Pensions Authority
Rep 5 Mr David Alderton

Supp/1 Alan Mayes
Supp/2 Fen Line Users Association - Andy Tyler
Supp/3 Kieron Parnell
Supp/4 Lynn Parnell
Supp/5 XC Trains Ltd

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