I: Documents Submitted by Interested Parties during Inquiry

OBJ-06 - The Whittlesey Charity
OBJ-06-INQ-01 - Letter of Objection to Secretary of State dated 24-11-17

OBJ-12 - Cambridgeshire County Council
OBJ-12-INQ-01 CCC Opening Statement
OBJ-12-INQ-02 Summary of withdrawn objections
OBJ-12-INQ-03 C24 Cross Keys
OBJ-12-INQ-04 C33 Jack O’Tell, C34 Fyson’s (and C02 Nairns)
OBJ-12-INQ-04a - C33 Jack O'Tell, C34 Fyson's (and C02 Nairns) - revised
OBJ-12-INQ-05 C16 Prickwillow 1 and C17 Prickwillow 2 and C29 Cassells
OBJ-12-INQ-06 C28 Black Horse Drove
OBJ-12-INQ-07 C31 Littleport Station
OBJ-12-INQ-08 - Closing Statement
OBJ-12-INQ-09 - Appendix to Closing Statement - Rights of Way Circular
OBJ-12-INQ-10 - Final Filled Order and Plan

OBJ-14 - Heart Beat Health Walks
OBJ-14-INQ-01 - Statement submitted by David Clarke, Walk Leader

OBJ-15 - FC Palmer & Sons and their Subsidiary Companies
OBJ-15-INQ-1 - Summary of Position dated 08.12.17
OBJ-15-INQ-2 - Plan of Inspection Route

OBJ-16 - Mr & Mrs Taylor
OBJ-16-INQ-01 - Evidence on Crossing C11

OBJ-19 - Mr Z Martin
OBJ-19-INQ-01 - Evidence on Crossing C11

OBJ-26 - The Ramblers Association (RA)
OBJ-26-INQ-01 RA Opening Statement
OBJ-26-INQ-02 Safety at Level Crossings Report - House of Commons Transport Committee – March 2014
OBJ-26-INQ-03 National Planning Policy Framework
OBJ-26-INQ-04 DfT  Cycling and Walking Strategy
OBJ-26-INQ-05 - Definition of 'suitable' and 'convenient'
OBJ-26-INQ-06 - RA withdrawal of objection to Crossing C24-Cross Keys
OBJ-26-INQ-07 - RA withdrawal of objection to Crossing C29 - Cassells
OBJ-26-INQ-08 - Oxford English Dictionary Definition of 'suitable' and 'convenient'
OBJ-26-INQ-09 - Note on behalf of RAon the DIA Information (NR-INQ-18)
OBJ-26-INQ-10 - RA Closing Statement


OBJ-34 - Mr & Mrs Fountain
OBJ-34-INQ-01 - Status Update - 27.11.17

OBJ-35 - Mr & Mrs Brown
OBJ-34-INQ-01 - Status Update - 27.11.17

OBJ-43 - National Farmers Union
OBJ-43-INQ-01 NFU – Opening Statement
OBJ-43-INQ-02 NFU - Closing Statement

OBJ-45 - Dr Roger James
OBJ-45-INQ-01 - Visual Evidence

OBJ-52 - Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum
OBJ-52-INQ-01 CLAF – Opening Statement

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