D: Proofs of Evidence Submitted by Network Rail

Mark Brunnen - Network Rail - Level crossing reduction - National strategic case
NR27-1 Proof of Evidence
NR27-2 Appendices
NR27-3 Summary

Eliane Algaard - Network Rail - Level crossing reduction - Anglia strategic case
NR28-1 Proof of Evidence
NR28-2 Appendices
NR28-3 Summary

Jonathan Smith - Bruton Knowles - Land and property
NR29-1 Proof of Evidence
NR29-3 Summary

Andrew Kenning - Network Rail - NR Proposals - crossing by crossing
NR30-1 Proof of Evidence
NR30-2 Appendix 1 Route Requirements Document 
NR30-2 Appendix 2 County Report 
NR30-2 Appendix 3 Consultation Details
NR30-2 Appendix 4 Round 1 Consultation Material
NR30-2 Appendix 5 Round 2 Consultation Material
NR30-2 Appendix 6 North Ely Park
NR30-2 Appendix 7 Clayway Public Inquiry Decision 2004
NR30-2 Appendix 8 Waterbeach New Town 
NR30-3 Summary

John Prest - Network Rail - Risk/maintenance - crossing by crossing
NR31-1 Proof of Evidence
NR31-2 Appendices
NR31-3 Summary

Sue Tilbrook - Mott MacDonald - Public Rights of Way
NR32-1 Proof of Evidence
NR32-2 Appendix 1 Traffic Survey ATC Data 1
NR32-2 Appendix 2 Round 1 Consultation Summary Sheets 48
NR32-2 Appendix 3 Round 2 Consultation Summary Sheets 106
NR32-2 Appendix 4 Round 3 Public Information Sheets 164
NR32-2 Appendix 5 Local Highway Authority Meeting Minutes 176
NR32-2 Appendix 6 Appraisal Summary Table Template 189
NR32-2 Appendix 7 Objectors Alternatives 190
NR32-2 Appendix 8 Environmental Assessment Summary Note 207
NR32-2 Appendix 9 Wider OS Mapping 209
NR32-2 Appendix 10 C08 Footpath Width 238
NR32-2 Appendix 11 Further Road Safety Audits 239
NR32-2 Appendix 12 Road Safety Audit Design Team Response Update 254
NR32-2 Appendix 13 C31 Littleport Station Traffic Data Collection 293
NR32-2 Appendix 14 Corrected Census Reports at C12 C13 C27 302
NR32-3 Summary

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