H: Documents submitted during the Inquiry by Network Rail

NR-INQ-01 Amended Order
NR-INQ-02 Compliance Folder
NR-INQ-03 Opening Statement
NR-INQ-04 Note 1 – Risk Profile/Risk Reduction
NR-INQ-05 Note 2 – NR Crossings Costings
NR-INQ-06 Note 3 – Rebuttal of issues raised in John Russell’s evidence for the Ramblers on other orders
NR-INQ-07 Note 4 – C14 and C15 Note re OBJ/23 – Mr M White
NR-INQ-08 Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission – Level Crossings
NR-INQ-09 Cambridgeshire Stage 1 Road Safety Audit
NR-INQ-10 Note 6 - definition of 'suitable' and 'convenient'
NR-INQ-11 Note 5 - regarding Crossing C28
NR-INQ-12 Note 7 -  regarding William and Henry Hurrell correspondence
NR-INQ-13 Note 8 - AP Burlton/NFU Evidence on Biosecurity
NR-INQ-14 Deeds of Release (Little Downham Parish Council)
NR-INQ-15 Network Rail Note 9 C14 Eastrea Cross Drove Level Crossing 
NR-INQ-16 NR Letter dated 12.12.17 to Cheffins regarding Palmer Crossings
NR-INQ-17 NR Note 10 - Statutory Notices displayed at Crossing C04 - No. 20
NR-INQ-18 - DIA Information
NR-INQ-19 NR Note 12 - Process for registration of Authorised Users
NR-INQ-20 Email from Mr Wright to Mott Macdonald
NR-INQ-21 - Correspondence between NR and Ely DB 
NR-INQ-22 - NR Note 13 - Revised Schedule 16
NR-INQ-23 Photograph of Crossing C20
NR-INQ-24 Mr Kenney photograph of Crossing C27
NR-INQ-25 Network Rail historical correspondence
NR-INQ-26 Road Safety Audit, volume 5, section 2
NR-INQ-27 Defra - Advice for poultry farming
NR-INQ-28 DMRB volume 6, section 1
NR-INQ-29 Joint statement relating to the side-agreement on behalf of CCC and NR
NR-INQ-30 NR Note 14 - Information requested by CCC from NR at Inquiry
NR-INQ-31 NR Note in response to EA letter regarding Draft Protective Provisions
NR-INQ-32 NR Note 15 - Planning Policy Note
NR-INQ-33 Rule 10(6) Request for Planning Permission
NR-INQ-34 NR response regarding traffic census C26 & C27, Poplar Drove and Willow Row/Road
NR-INQ-35 NR further details regarding Note 2 - Crossings Costing (NR-INQ-05)
NR-INQ-36 NR additional information regarding NR-INQ-35 (NR-INQ-05)
NR-INQ-36-a Estimated Cost per Crossing
NR-INA-36-b DU Budget Rates
NR-INQ-37 NR explanation regarding Crossing C24, Cross Keys and Route Alignments
NR-INQ-38 Final Order 15.02.18
NR-INQ-39 Final Note on Filled Up Order 20.02.18
NR-INQ-40 - Amended Order Plans
NR-INQ-41 - Amended Sheet 10 (unofficial version)
NR-INQ-42 Network Rail Closing Statement

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